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At Captivate Marketing, we offer multifaceted advertising solutions at competitive rates for branded businesses we believe in. Our objective is to make you feel comfortable with the service provided and confident in the product delivered. We are a local company with global reach, and your business is our success!  

Our Services

Social Media Management

We provide you with a local account manager that curates and schedules your social media for you. Grow your audience with Captivate.

Digital Display Ads

We specialize in data driven digital marketing. We use savvy design and the latest in data science to present your business to the audiences who need to meet you.

Public Relations

We work with individuals and organizations that are in need of getting their message out into the world. We help find the right channels to deliver that message via opportunities such as speaking engagements and traditional and  digital media outreach. 


We partner with you to find where you will most benefit from a brand presence and organize professional sales teams to work your promotional events. We provide strategy, resources, and return! 

We love what we do.

We thrive on putting our resources to work for you. We work closely with our team and industry experts in our community to deliver you return on our marketing investment.

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