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Local Advertising With Global Reach

We understand the frustration a business feels, large or small, of wasting money and precious resources towards a marketing campaign that cannot be directly correlated with positive results. In today’s digital world, why not use your marketing budget towards a campaign that CAN be measured? Captivate utilizes a special collection of quantitative and qualitative research resources to custom specify website audiences that will buy your product or service

We are able to deliver your advertisement on a LOCAL or NATIONAL level to top national websites that your ideal customer is likely to visit.

Local Advertising With Global Reach

At Captivate, we specialize in data driven digital marketing. We use savvy design and the latest in data science to present your business to the audiences who need to meet you.


Cookies Based Advertising



Pre-target advertising allows us to ‘cut the fat’

Every ad that runs costs money, so we make sure every ad is seen by a potential customer.  With the outdated ‘cookie’ based method, thousands of your ads could be wasted.  Pre-targeting guarantees ad placement on top of the page and ‘above the fold’, we ensure that every ad is seen.  This means less waste.  

The national average of  Click Through Rate of  Cookies Based advertising is  .05 – .08 percent compared to a 0.17- 0.22 success rate of Pre Targeting advertising.   


Less waste = more savings.

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget


How does PRE-Targeting Works?

Identify Your Audience

Who is your customer and what are their interests?

Demographic Assessment

What kind of websites are your customers likely to visit


 PRE-Targeting selects those sites by the concentration of audience interest and places your advertisement. 

Beautiful Design

We create beautiful, eye catching design that reflects your brand. We format the design to fit all possible ad placement types. We always direct the user with a call to action to direct them to your destination page. 

Increase Traffic

Research based pre-targeting allows your advertisement to become 3x more effective than the national average, in comparison to cookie based re-targeting advertisements.  We measure this via Click Through Ratio (CTR).

  • Cookies Based Re-Targeting
  • Research Based Pre-Targeting

Harness the Power of User Friendly

Your advertisement will be featured on all Cell Phone, Laptop, Desktop, and Tablet mediums. All ads are formatted to be top-of-fold on all websites. This means the consumer does not need to scroll down the page to find your ad. It is right in front of them on every single website listed in your template, increasing the likelihood oconsumer engagement.

Feel Good About Your Investment

Every month we will deliver you a clear, concise, easy to read report with each individualized website your company is seen on.  It will show you how many times your ad was featured on each website and how many times it was clicked on.  We use this data to cut underperforming sites, and increase viewability on top performers. Together we can keep your campaign lean and effective. 

Build your Brand Awareness with Responsive Advertising

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 Harness the power of digital ads.