When You Need To Look Good

There is nothing like promoting your brand face to face. 

There is no doubt that direct relationship building is the single best way to develop a new potential customer or client lead. As businesses well know, that kind of interaction takes precious time, resources, and labor. That is why we have developed a strategy that makes it easy, affordable—and because we do it all the time—highly effective! Once we partner with you, we take over prospecting valuable events, training our professional sales teams on the correct messaging of your product or service, and we facilitate all operations of making a successful event. 

Let us do the talking for you.

We organize professional sales teams to work your promotional events.


Event Management 

Through years of independently running events for specific groups in Bend, Captivate has mastered the sometimes hectic troubleshooting that events inspire as well as refined the attention to detail it takes to make an impressionable impact during an event. We have a keen understanding of what events will be beneficial to your brand and we align you with the venues that will be most advantageous for your client base. Because the highest return for you, is the highest return for us. 

We have developed a team of highly competent and personable sales personalities that love sales strategy and love talking with people. Our staff  understand that we are an extension of your business, and while we are in the community, we represent your business as if it were our own. 

Best of all, we set up and take down the entire event for you—if you cannot make it, no worries, everything is taken care of! 



Creating measurable ROI

We work with you to develop a sales strategy unique to your event complete with specific qualified goals set by your team and ours.


We offer services for both public, community events as well as business to business events that may have a more nuanced audience. Along with developing a call to action strategy, we we also do promotion of the event.  With looking for specific events, we will also prequalify the known demographic to ensure that your products and services are the right fit. 

For the entire duration of the event, our trained sales staff are the face of your business with the goal of providing an easy and pleasant experience for all individuals participating. Our facilitators will also have specified promotions to close whether that be selling goods, getting someone to sign up for a package offering, or schedule a meeting with you. 

Have we peaked your interest?