When You Need To Look Good

Let us help you be seen while you do what you love.  

You may have heard already, that social media is one of the best ways to create awareness around your brand. We would go as far to argue, that if you are a business, it is absolute necessary to be utilizing social media to your advantage. Not only can you distribute your own content for a fraction of the price of traditional advertising, you can target the right people for your product or service, engage in meaningful conversations, and grow a massive audience. 

Build your audience and grow your brand.

We provide social media content strategy and management


Content Strategy

Beautiful content isn’t only fun to look at, but can be strategically aligned with your brand goals. Using social media wisely means planning ahead.  

Find Your Audience

We can help you find your tribe so that your beautiful content doesn’t go to waste! On the flip side, using social media helps you to get to know you customer.

Growth & Engagement

Consistency is the key ingredient in any great social media strategy. The fun begins once you have your audience and can develop content especially for them. 

We deliver design and strategy  that is coherent with your brand and your mission. In this example, we worked with a Deschutes county city council candidate to bolster their campaign on Facebook and Instagram during a local 2018 election. The goal of the campaign was to create opportunity for engagement among an undecided audience by displaying  the social proof of  community members who were already in support of the candidate. If you would like to see our work on this, please reach out and we will gladly share it with you.

Strategy and Application

For those of you who have ever attempted to keep a social media calendar for your business know that it can get to be a job in itself. Creating consistent, valuable content is in itself a feat to behold, let alone taking the time analyze the results you are getting from it so that you may use that insight to further improve your campaigns.

At Captivate, we can take care of many of your social media needs for you. We begin by assessing your needs and building  a content strategy to address what deliverables you are trying to accomplish (i.e. increase your brand awareness, grow your audience, increase website traffic, etc.). We then produce and publish the content for you. 


What do you want social media to do for you?



Increase the amount of people that know about you


Engage with your community


Increase the amount of people going to your website


Build an audience for your content


Create more customer leads and increase sales

Let us help you meet your social media goals.